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Hairy Plotter and the Murderous Stone takes us through a most magical and hilarious mystery when Warthog's School of Magicians becomes the sight of a strange homicide at Hairy's Graduation party, where YOU the audience are attending!
Join Joan Quivers on the RED CARPET and all of your favorite
music, movie, and TV celebrities at this "Hollyweird" Award show where
YOU the audience also participate for entertainment awards!
Mama Velveeta Souprano has just been KILLED! And nobody seems to be too upset at her funeral because millions (of meatballs) are at stake! The audience is also to blame at this hilarious murder mystery!
The audience has been invited to the wildest wedding ever!
Single, feisty, Greek Goddess "Feta Aphrodite" is about to marry
into the wealthiest computer family of geeks since Mr. Gates himself,
or WILL she once she finds out it is an arranged marriage!
Where are they NOW? Ask the fans of Wydell High School 25 years later when the greasers (The Tea Burds) and the PUNK LADIES return to tell all at this hysterical class reunion, where the audience plays alumni!
Hanging Cow Productions has now produced over 250 shows in and around the New York City, tri state area.
We have SIX Off Broadway productions!
FIVE of our shows are Interactive Comedies, which means the audience members play roles as plot participants just as the characters do, AND they interact with the audience throughout the entire show including dancing, singing, to and for them, including being chosen to partake in the action on stage as a character! Click any show banner for info/show dates!
"The ButtCracker"a holiday parody was produced 2002, 2014, & 2015 at the American Theatre for Actors in NY, and is looking for a national tour!
"The Sixth Session,"a therapy drama, was a huge it for the Producer's Club Theatre in May of 2014, click here for more information about this show!
First produced in 2015 and now again in 2018, this show was a hit and is ready to entertain audiences again! Click here for more info!
Produced to a sold out crowd of over 1200 people in fall of 2016, "12 Steps the musical" is a heart warming comedy about addiction. Click here for more info!
"An Arrangement of Euphoric lllusions" a drama about dueling perspectives & was produced in the spring of 2016. Click here for more information about this show!
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Performed in May of 2017, our most acclaimed hit yet "Angels Among Us" is a vignette drama about things happening for a reason. Click here for more info!