CHRIS BERLINO our company photographer and set builder, has been part of the Hanging Cow family since 2001. Chris is also owner of Inner Lite Photography based in Manhattan. Originally a Studio Art major in college on Long Island where he was raised, his interests where painting and sculpture, while working full time in the aircraft maintenance field. Since 2005, Chris has expanded his experience, expertise, and photographic services, serving the tri state area in all mediums of digital photography. In his spare time enjoys travel, music, painting, candle light walks, dog walks, cat walks, & Chinese woks. He is also an avid traveler and events photographer and has been to Iceland, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Spain, Germany, and the Dominican Republic. To visit his website click here!
VANESSA LONG, our principal Choreographer, began her journey into the arts when she was just five years old in a small town in Pennsylvania. When she was sixteen she receive an opportunity to begin teaching dance at a local studio. After highschool she joined the Lenharts Dance Company and the UDC Dance Company where she both danced and choreographed. She also attended West Chester University where she received her BA in Theatre and Dance. After graduating from college she moved to NYC to pursue her career in choreography. While in NYC she was given the opportunity to choreograph several Off Broadway Shows, Off Off Broadway Shows, Music Videos, Films and she is the Artistic Director of her own dance company the Vanessa Long Dance Company LLC. She is so excited and honored to be working with Hanging Cow Productions! Visit her website by clicking HERE!
DAHLIA BARAKAT, our resident Stage Manager and Set Designer, graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor’s degree in Set and Costume Design from Cairo, Egypt. She taught Art for two years, and since then has decided to focus all of her efforts into teaching herself, instead, what she loves to do most. She participated in several local productions and won an award for best set design. She spent the last year earning a Certificate in Theatre Studies at Northern Virginia Community College where she got to dabble in more set design and stage management. She now lives in New York City where she is thrilled to be working with Elise as principle stage manager for Hanging Cow Productions. To view her work, click here!
REBECCA BALIN, our resident lighting and sound tech, is originally from Los Angeles, now based in New York City. Balin LOVES working with Hanging Cow Productions and is thrilled to be on future projects. Rebecca has lit hundreds of concerts and several musical festivals and she is passionate about music, the arts, and theater. Rebecca plans to join the Hanging Cow Production team all the way to Broadway!
ELISHA RENEE BOLDIZAR, CFO, is our Sr. Executive responsible for managing the financial risks of the organization. Her emphasis is on economic strategies and forecasting while ensuring limited liability for the company. Her additional responsibilities include tax accounting, Real Estate portfolio management and estate planning. Elisha has a knack for keeping her finger on the pulse and advises and reports exclusively to our Executive Director, Elise M. Milner. California native, born and raised in the Los Angeles area, Elisha currently maintains residency in the Orange County California with frequent commutes to New York during live productions. Elise and Elisha met in 1998, while both attending Universities in Los Angeles and have remained friends, business associates and partners (in crime) every since. Elisha has been involved in managing and investing in Real Estate for more than 18 years. She has owned and managed small businesses and properties in both California and Arizona. Her hobbies include, concerts, daily romps at the beach with loyal companion and dog, “Mr. Wilson”, cooking for family and friends, skiing, and boating.
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