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"All About Infidelity" is a new play currently in pre-production for the fall of 2018! Dates coming soon!
In Elise's 12th play, she explores the lives of 5 couples experiencing different levels of infidelity from the resentment, the mistrust, to eventually forgiveness and relationsip repair ... or not? This play intimately explores the delicate emotions and choices involved when partners are adversely affected by betrayal. The play explores every walk of life, from an ederly couple coming to the end of their life as they look back on their ups and downs, 2 younger couples struggling with newly broken trust, a gay couple's shocking revelation, and a long time couple exploring an open relationship and the consequences of it. Sure to be another edgy, roller coaster of emotion, Elise holds back nothing in her plays from brutal honesty, raw emotions, depth, and writes characters who break social taboos. This play should be no different and she looks forward to presenting this new and fresh material in late 2018 for her audience. Check back for more details on this upcoming show!